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Learning How to Plod

I'm flying by the keyboard today, yet hoping to freeze time for just a moment to remember this summer.  Change is always happening around us, but for some reason it seems like we are transitioning more in this moment than we have in a long time.

Third grade for Greyson ended last week.  When math ends, the school year ends! We successfully completed his math book and all of this years readings for Year 3 (Ambleside Online).  We are proud of his narrations, many of which he dictated for me and we typed up for his portfolio.  Next year (Y4) is a big year for him, with the start of Plutarch's Lives and written narrations (instead of primarily oral narrations). I can't believe he's starting 4th grade.

My parents are moving to Kansas City, from Florida, so we're just thrilled with the new life we'll enjoy with them so close.  The kids are beside themselves.

Luke starts a new career, with a new company, in two weeks. I can't tell you how grateful we are for this …

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