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Summer, Children, House Update

I love gathering pictures for this type of post: one that simply documents a slice of time for our family and the progress of our home. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of that famous day at the Jackson County Courthouse steps, so I spent the day with my camera in hand to mark the day. This summer has been sweetly slow and full of sweet memories. Baseball is a big part of each summer for us, a thing we all enjoy and even though the season is over we still get out there in the evening and throw the ball. We're grateful for a fun and growing season for both boys. Benjamin's coach said last night, "Ben became quite the slugger this year. And that bunt . We'll always remember that epic bunt."  Ben, it's true, you rocked it. Even though it wasn't allowed and you got called out, you rocked that thing!  As for a house update, we're still  plodding along , at our own pace with all the things. I sometimes wince thinking about what others think, but right now, i

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