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In the Shelter of the Most High

So many have voiced a readiness for 2021, an anticipation of the end of a horrible year. 2020 has been difficult. I've struggled and cried more this year than any other on record and those around me are wrought with pain and sadness too--but there is much about 'the year we all stayed home' that I will miss and hope continues into the new year.  My dear husband worked from home. We saw him more and ate with him more and sang with him more and prayed with him more--it doesn't get any sweeter than that. I had a baby in April, our sweet Jacob Luke, and though he isn't as known to our extended family as we'd hoped for, having a quiet year at home with a newborn was just what I needed.  So, as 2020 ends, I praise God for all the changes and blessings that came to us by way of difficulty. Psalm 91 has been a battle-cry passage of sorts this year. I've pondered these words over and over again in my heart, especially when I ache for "normal" or long for t

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