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Grace Upon Grace

Grace upon grace, from one mercy to the next--this is the theme of a life of faith, is it not? We go from joys to sorrows, from successes to sufferings, and yet we believe God is sovereign over it all. I started this post back in July, but apparently never published it. We've since moved out of our home temporarily because of a collapsed septic tank, one we didn't know we had! We bought our house at the city auction in August of 2018 , avoiding an inspection, but should've done it anyways, as the seller's disclosure indicated "no septic" when there was in fact one! We've been filling it unknowingly for three years. So after months of saving, researching, meeting with plumbers and engineers, we finally pumped it out, closed down the house, and moved in with in-laws so that we can finalize repairs.  In the meantime, we love living at Concord as Mark & Rebekah are gracious hosts and parents, generous and sweet. Plaza-life is wonderful with almost daily wa

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