Back to School

This week we rolled right in to our third year of homeschooling.  It's never lost on me the privilege I enjoy of staying home with my children and educating them from here. Luke and I are just thrilled with the slow-and-steady pace of a vibrant, family-centered approach to education. One of our deepest commitments as it relates to education, inspired by Charlotte Mason, is that it's "an atmosphere, a discipline, a life."  

 Greyson is starting "Year 3" of Ambleside Online's curriculum (check it out here).  I'm doing each of these "years" with him, and I can tell you the literature, nature study, and the art of narration inspires us all toward wisdom and eloquence.  I challenge any adult friends and/family who may be interested to start with Year 2 or 3 and read these books along with us.  Such a treasure, such a feast!  

Benjamin begins "Year 0" or Ambleside Online's Kindergarten schedule (here).  It's all Winnie-the-Pooh, Beatrix Potter, and McCloskey books to charm us once again.  I love nothing more than to gather up B & A in our big, red chair about naptime and introduce them to Christopher Robin, Jeremey Fisher, Sweet Sal, and all the others.  This year Ben will join Greyson at the table for daily math, copywork, and reading lessons.   Too cute!

Anna Rebekah was so excited to get her very own preschool book.  So far she still comes with enthusiasm to the table to work on her letters, numbers, and shapes.  Our sweet girl!

On Monday we made it down to Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.  We missed the bus (lol) but we got to visit the old schoolroom, farmhouse, and the prairie exhibit.  Such a treat for our "1st Day" of school:

Then we hit the books with our "Big Reveal" on Tuesday--each kid opens his new binder for the year and gets to finally see and hold his new books.  Greyson was most thrilled with the literature for the year and a new "Life of Fred" math book.  We're all about that Saxon Monday-Thursday, but he gets to veg with Fred on Fridays.  He loves it!

Come Wednesday we're finally back in the groove.  It's by no means perfect.  It's hard, actually.  But I trust the Lord has gone before us in this thing too, and it's the ministry of a lifetime.   May He bless us as we grow and learn together.  My prayer for my kids is always that they would never know a day without Jesus, that they would be servant-hearted leaders to each other and to those outside our door, and that they would continue to grow in wisdom and grace.  To Him be the glory, Amen.


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