Coram Deo --- Lilliput & Lilacs

This new chapter of "Coram Deo" - our family's blog/scrapbook has been given a new name, "Lilliput & Lilacs."  Let me explain.

We love great literature, so there's the Lilliput part (Swift, Google it, read it!) and then you have sweet lilacs.  Luke and I LOVE lilacs.  We want them all over our new property if we can help it.  

And it's a nod to L & L. We're pretty smitten and our lives are marked by a bunch of L's.  So there you have it.  Lilliput and Lilacs.  Chapter 2 of this family blog/scrapbook.  Come along if you dare for the adventure that is on 2 acres in the city.  Kansas City.  Love.

For safekeeping our old blog is still visible here: Coram Deo

 Chapter 1--which includes those beginning years of dating and marriage, our four children (3 born), and our beloved almost-a-decade at Hillcrest Ministries is treasured over there on our Wordpress site.  


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