Phase One - The Property

By now you may have heard the story of our farmhouse in the city.  We got it in a whirlwind of a month--saw it at the end of June with our realtor, made an offer that was accepted by the sellers mid-July, but the bank foreclosed on it so we had to run to the courthouse steps on August 1st to snatch it up.  We prayed, our friends prayed--for no competition and for the price to be at opening bid.  God is good.  He answered specific things for which we boldly asked.  We snagged it for cheap.  One investor did show up, but two minutes too late.  Praise God!

You might say we're crazy.  Some days I think we truly are wild to think this is all possible.  But what I do know is that God has been with us all along and He was over every detail of this house and its purchase.  We're just silly-thrilled with the provision that has come our way.  Never lose hope and above all, trust that the Lord Almighty has you wrapped up in His goodness and care.  That's our song these days.  Follow God, He does not fail.

So here we are--a ways from moving in, but assessing and planning what to do with our sweet lil' 2 acres in the city.

We've met the neighbors and are pretty confident we'll all get along swell. Ms. D next door says that she wishes we would have talked to her before buying, so she could have told us about the storm drain (!!). Oh crap.

Literally, someone has crammed the drain with car oil and trash. It backs up.  Into our basement a bit.

So, all of the sudden getting the property under control, not the kitchen (!), has become priority. The weeds, the driveway, the acreage, and the dang STORM DRAIN.


And what do you do with overgrown acreage? Those dear neighbors, already friends, have offered to help with their tractor. We may be buying a mulcher for our garden beds and for all the brush that needs to be processed. Mercy, there is a bunch of brush.

I'm so excited about that bunch of brush, though ya'll.  I've always wanted my very own bunch of brush!  I feel it calling my name and so as soon as I am able you'll find me out there weed'n and reaping this sweet harvest of home ownership. Ha!

Stay tuned.  We still can't believe it.  We are in love with this sweet little 1.8.  We still haven't nailed down a name for our spot of land, but that'll come.  Luke said, "Fairhaven Enough" -- lol, for those of you who know, you know!

L & L 


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