Grace Upon Grace

Grace upon grace, from one mercy to the next--this is the theme of a life of faith, is it not? We go from joys to sorrows, from successes to sufferings, and yet we believe God is sovereign over it all. I started this post back in July, but apparently never published it. We've since moved out of our home temporarily because of a collapsed septic tank, one we didn't know we had! We bought our house at the city auction in August of 2018, avoiding an inspection, but should've done it anyways, as the seller's disclosure indicated "no septic" when there was in fact one! We've been filling it unknowingly for three years. So after months of saving, researching, meeting with plumbers and engineers, we finally pumped it out, closed down the house, and moved in with in-laws so that we can finalize repairs. 

In the meantime, we love living at Concord as Mark & Rebekah are gracious hosts and parents, generous and sweet. Plaza-life is wonderful with almost daily walks around Loose Park and three old floors to spread out in and homeschool. And toilets--working plumbing! ;) 

It's all so sweet, but we sure miss our home! I have described it to Luke recently, that I feel there is a suspended grief about the house but it rears up whenever I go over to take care of things. But I also like to say, "I'm fine! It's fine! We're fine!" ;)

We make trips over to care for the chickens, our cat, Atlas, and Phineas the fish. When we go, we take loads of Fairhaven orchard kitchen scraps for the compost system ("chicken food") and we try to soak up time at our dear homestead-on-pause.

Life seems a bit out of order and we're sitting on go in many ways, but I want to remember the sweetness of this season with a quick summer photo dump. I'm grateful for the precious promises of God that remind me to trust, wait, and hide myself in Him. It's hard to wait on the Lord, but we will have courage. 

These children are growing so fast. This season of parenting is full of soul-care and shepherding little hearts. It's so hard and we fail often, but the mercies and kindness of God are very real in these trenches. I'm so grateful for them, for being home with them, and for the love we share.

Homeschooling is in full swing now, too, with Greyson starting his 7th year, Benjamin his 4th, and Anna now in 2nd Grade. Jacob Luke tags along...actually we stick him in front of Daniel Tiger to get things done, ha!

Luke had the opportunity to preach/teach this summer. It's been a decade since he's had the privilege, so we are very grateful to our church for the opportunity. God is faithful and has been kind to Luke, to open up doors in ministry again. I've been particularly blessed by his study of and preaching through the book of Jonah this summer. 

I don't get to say it often publicly, but I'm so proud of him. Sometimes I'm sad for what this last decade hasn't been as it relates to ministry, but I've watched my guy and admired him for the quiet way he's served Christ's church, even from the sideline. We are praying these days that God would bless Luke's efforts to be faithful to his calling, and that we would be content with whatever comes to pass. We're singing Benjamin's hymn a lot lately, "Be Thou my vision, O Ruler of all!" 

As I type this afternoon, my dear husband and firstborn son are headed west to Colorado, the vision before them a vista of God's goodness and grace--thirteen years for Greyson Theodore. We rejoice as a family for God's faithfulness to Grey, to us his parents, and to his sad siblings left behind today with their schoolwork. ;) We rejoice in all that lies ahead for our young man. May he taste and see that the Lord is good!


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